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Invest in a smart mirror project with technology to show the back of the body
Project launch: January 2024
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The Dilan Mirror project is the production and sale of mirrors that allow you to view the back of your body with maximum comfort. This option can be easily turned on or off at any time. And if for thousands of years the mirror has been deprived of this possibility, today we are changing traditional standards.

Use cases

Our product has over 20 ways of use. Here are the most popular: fitting rooms, modeling agencies,gyms,private use, tattoo parlors, actors' dressing rooms, medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy, escape games and parks.

How it works

The rear view function of the object displayed in the mirror is activated via the touch panel, a hand gesture, thanks to a special motion sensor or a voice command.
The sensors can be installed anywhere depending on the interior. When there is no movement of people, the system is automatically switched off.
The camera is covered by a flap and is visible when activated so that the person is not uncomfortable with the feeling of constant surveillance.
The translucent mirror allows you to hide the screen and show it when needed.
Intelligent backlight points on the top and sides change the intensity of the backlight when the video signal is turned on or off.
Video quality is customizable from 4k, 60fps and up, and high-quality components avoid broadcast latency.

Mirrors everywhere

Room illumination

Mirrors maximize even minimal sunlight during the day and artificial light in the evening

Expansion of space

Even the illusion of increased living space makes small rooms more comfortable

Daily requirement

A person looks in the mirror an average of 8 to 12 times during the day

Fitness, beauty, etc.

The actual and potential benefits of mirrors have been proven over 2000 years of their existence

Brave solutions - Big changes!

Every few years there is a new revolutionary product that changes the entire own industry. Be part of the change in all sectors of their mirror industry.

Our goals and plans

Use our own design, build a factory and produce 28 million mirrors by 2027.
Confirmation of patent application in France and PCT
2024 - 2026
Patent filings in 90 countries worldwide
2025 - 2026
Plant construction and worldwide sales
Scaling sales franchises and licenses


Hello I'am Vasile Dilan

CEO of the company, author of the Dilan Mirror project
I find Dubai a comfortable place to build a factory, so my office is here

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